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Our Therapists

Renee Burwell

LCSW, MPA, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Renée Burwell, LCSW, MPA, CST is a skilled psychotherapist and educator with a specialization in sex therapy and trauma.

Her practice, Pandora's Awakening, offers services and educational outreach that help destigmatize mental and sexual health services. In addition to her private practice, she is a skilled facilitator offering trainings and workshops to healthcare and social services professionals on mental health, sexual health, and reproductive choice.

Jae Porter


Jae Porter, a woman with a heart for people, enjoys the company of people from all walks of life, lifestyles, races, and beliefs.

  • jae@pandorasawakening.com

Kim Smith

Everyone has their unique story and journey to go on to become the best possible version of themselves. My goal in therapy is to provide a more intimate and creative way of helping you reach that level.

Terah Kimbrell

It is my goal to work together with clients to address life challenges in a way that fits their unique situation, strengths, and goals. My goal is to empower individuals and those in relationships to live their lives in a way that brings them joy, fulfillment, and pleasure.