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Michael Oyeteju

PhD Candidate

Michael Oyeteju (a Houston, Texas native) is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from The Tennessee State University (TSU). He has earned a Master’s degree in psychology from Houston Baptist University and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in criminal justice from Sam Houston State University.

While training at TSU, he has earned supervised clinical/counseling hours in local K-12 settings, university counseling centers, and as a member of the behavioral health team for veterans at the VA.

Michael has a passion to serve others on their journey towards their goals of reaching their highest potential despite the obstacles that the individual’s face in life.

His therapeutic style can be best described as eclectic in that he uses techniques/strategies from different therapeutic models to help meet the needs of the client/person such as: mindfulness practices, thought challenging, and unconditional support.

His clinical and research interests are related to family systems, multiculturalism, racial/ethnic minority psychology, performance psychology, and career development. For fun, he enjoys watching sports, do it yourself projects, trying new food dishes, and traveling.