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Jacqueline Fullwood


Jacque is a Master’s level clinician with a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has experience working in outpatient mental health settings in both an individual and group capacity, primarily with young adults and teens.

Jacque’s background in studio art provides her with a unique skillset and therapeutic perspective. In addition to integrating ACT, mindfulness-based therapy, and a trauma-informed approach, Jacque can integrate elements of artistic expression into her work with clients, which allows them to access a more playful, emotive side of themselves that may be inhibited in other areas of life.

Jacque has a passion for helping individuals navigate circumstances where they feel isolated, lonely, and confused, as well as breaking the harmful cycles caused by trauma. She accepts clients of all backgrounds and lifestyles, especially those who often feel misunderstood or alienated. Her accepting, open-minded perspective as well as her down-to-earth attitude puts clients who feel intimidated by the concept of therapy at ease. She believes above all in humanity’s potential for growth and healing, and that when an individual is met with unconditional acceptance and positive regard, they can amaze themselves with their capacity for change.